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Last active Jun 17, 2021
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openpyxl: dealing with merged cells
# When exporting excel spreadsheets with merged cells, only the first cell of the merged cell has a value
# This snippet allow you to take the value from the first cell for all the other cells within the merged range
# Tested with openpyxl 3.0.7 as of 2021-06-17
# References:
import openpyxl
def parent_of_merged_cell(cell):
""" Find the parent of the merged cell by iterating through the range of merged cells """
sheet = cell.parent
child_coord = cell.coordinate
# Note: if there are many merged cells in a large spreadsheet, this may become inefficient
for merged in sheet.merged_cells.ranges:
if child_coord in merged:
return merged.start_cell.coordinate
return None
def cell_value(cell):
""" Reads the value of a cell, if cell is within a merged cell,
find the first cell in the merged cell and get its value
if isinstance(cell, openpyxl.cell.cell.Cell):
return cell.value
if isinstance(cell, openpyxl.cell.cell.MergedCell):
coord = parent_of_merged_cell(cell)
parent = cell.parent[coord]
return parent.value
workbook = openpyxl.load_workbook(filename)
sheet = workbook['Some Sheet']
# Say A1:A4 are merged, only the first cell have a value
sheet[A1].value # has value
sheet[A2].value # is None
cell_value(sheet[A1]) # returns sheet[A1].value
cell_value(sheet[A2]) # returns sheet[A1].value
cell_value(sheet[A3]) # returns sheet[A1].value
cell_value(sheet[A4]) # returns sheet[A1].value
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