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How to install oracle client to Ubuntu 12.04

Install SQL*Plus

  1. Download .rpm package here
    • oracle-instantclinet*-basic-*.rpm
    • oracle-instantclinet*-devel-*.rpm
    • oracle-instantclinet*-sqlplus-*.rpm
  2. Install alien (sudo apt-get install alien)
  3. Convert the rpm files and install
    • sudo alien -i oracle-instantclinet*-basic-*.rpm
    • sudo alien -i oracle-instantclinet*-devel-*.rpm
    • sudo alien -i oracle-instantclinet*-sqlplus-*.rpm
  4. Install libaio1
  5. Add oracle.conf (echo /usr/lib/oracle/12.1/client/lib > /etc/ and Reload .conf (sudo ldconfig)
      • If cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory is displayed when execute sqlplus

client is spelled wrong in the text

m3nu commented Mar 30, 2016

Worked great. Lifesaver. System: Debian 8

Brilliant, this is always a pain. Thanks 👍

He missed later add the line.
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/oracle/12.1/client64/lib

Lifesaver for me 👍

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