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Last active October 30, 2021 20:55
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SGLive 2021 Draft Settings
SG Live 2021 DRAFT settings
Standard world state w/ starting boots and sword
1) All four swords placed, caps at three (remaining sword replaced with a Green 20)
2) All shields are placed, but capped at Fighter's Shield. Remaining shields are replaced with 5 rupees.
3) Armor capped at blue mail, both are placed (second mail overflows to 5 rupees)
4) All four bottles placed, caps at 2 (remaining bottles replaced with 5 rupees), remaining two bottles are always empty
5) Bow is non-progressive (Bow and the Silver Arrows Upgrade are separate)
6) Half Magic replaced with small magic decanter
7) 2 boss hearts placed and 32 heart pieces placed, leaving a max of 14 hearts if all are collected.
Think of it as a hard item pool, but with tweaks.
We've reduced the number of bottles you'll be able to get and ensured they're empty. We feel like this reduces available safeties a bit without completely removing the possibility. Potion shop still sells potions that work at full strength. Since all four bottles are placed, the chances of progression at Sick Kid aren't impacted.
The changes to health ensure smoother curve of health gains during the course of the game. You'll likely never cap out on health (14), and instead I anticipate players will fight Ganon on 8 to 12 hearts, depending on the seed's speed. This is offset by blue mail being available (with two armor upgrades placed, but capped at 1). Blue mail will effectively double your health pool if you manage to find one of the upgrades.
We're trying out a non-progressive bow for these settings. One common complaint we've seen with the default Hard Item Pool option it's hard to determine what bow is in logic, so we want to try taking out progressive bow. Instead a normal bow and a silver arrow upgrade, like what was in v30, will be how it'll work.
The other changes are just to remove some safeties to make things a bit more challenging.
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