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Created September 24, 2012 18:36
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Rough Notes from Strange Loop 2012

A Whole New World

Gary Bernhardt


--- rough notes ---

Gary introduces an side project that Gary has been working on part-time for an little over an year, including ...

an text editor, called "aneditor"

  • modal (like Vim)
  • terminal only
  • "much more powerful than Vim"
  • not an IDE
  • layers
    • overlay an orthogonal "layer" on top of the source code
    • examples:
      • diff layer
      • crash layer => overlay backtrace onto the source code
      • performance layer => overlay time profiling information onto the source code
  • interactions
    • the user experience:
      • one keystroke shows you all the code that the current line interacts with
      • renders an graphical tree-like display in the terminal
      • can navigate through the graph
      • uses GraphViz
    • Useful questions you can answer
      • what code does this test hit?
      • what code does this request hit?
      • what code might hit this crash point?

an terminal, called "anterminal"

  • raster graphics
  • 24-bit color
  • italics, bold, underline
  • momentary keypresses

And, we've all been punk'd. All lies. None of the things above actually exist.

  • We were surprised (right?) when Gary said that he wrote his own terminal. Why? Why is it surprising that someone would write an terminal?
    1. shipping culture => our "shipping culture" is poisonous to infrastructure replacement, even when the infrastructure sucks
    2. legacy and paralysis
      • we overlook the things that have existed our entire programming careers (e.g., terminals)
      • we overlook their limitations and whether those limitations make sense in today's world
  • Advocating for thinking, hammock time, prototyping
  • Our "shipping culture", incremental changes don't allow for fundamental improvements (i.e., rethinkings) like the ones Gary described above

Editor's note: With Light Table, Catnip, aneditor/anterminal, and Bret Victor's upcoming talk, it seems like "Re-imagining Your Development Environment" will be one of the themes of Strange Loop 2012

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