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Multiple document capable webpack loader, ES6 syntax, js-yaml
yaml loader
+ safeLoad for one doc
+ safeLoadAll for multiple docs
+ does it need yaml parser `onWarning: this.emitWarning`?
+ does it need error handling e.g. `try-catch`?
import yaml from 'js-yaml'
// look for lines starting with new doc
let openingDocPattern = /^---/g
function yamlLoader(source) {
let op
// assume single doc
let loadFn = yaml.safeLoad
// is this a multi-doc yaml?
if (openingDocPattern.test(source)) {
// yes
loadFn = yaml.safeLoadAll
// parse
op = loadFn(source.toString(), {
filename: this.resourcePath,
json: true
// turn into js module text
op = JSON.stringify(op)
op = 'module.exports = ' + op
return op
export default yamlLoader
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