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Created September 12, 2012 12:09
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Minecraft Overviewer dynamic config file
# Minecraft Overviewer dynamic config file for multiple Minecraft worlds
# managed by MSM (
import os
# Define where to put the output here.
outputdir = "/storage/www/vhosts/"
# Add Javascript to map when rendering
from observer import JSObserver
observer = JSObserver(outputdir, 10)
# Default rendermode for all daylight maps
rendermode = "smooth_lighting"
#POI Filters
def playerIcons(poi):
if poi['id'] == 'Player':
poi['icon'] = "" % poi['EntityId']
return "Last known location for %s" % poi['EntityId']
def signFilter(poi):
if poi['id'] == 'Sign':
return "\n".join([poi['Text1'], poi['Text2'], poi['Text3'], poi['Text4']])
def chestFilter(poi):
if poi['id'] == 'Chest':
return "Chest with %d items" % len(poi['Items'])
# Where all the MSM servers are stored
servers = os.walk('/opt/msm/servers').next()[1]
# Loop through each server directory
for the_server in servers:
world_name = the_server.replace("_", " ").title()
worlds[world_name] = "".join(("/opt/msm/servers/",the_server,"/worldstorage/world"))
# Overworld
renders["".join((the_server, "")).replace("_"," ").title()] = {
'world': world_name,
'title': 'Daytime',
'dimension': "overworld",
'markers': [dict(name="All Signs", filterFunction=signFilter),
dict(name="Chests", filterFunction=chestFilter, icon="chest.png", createInfoWindow=False),
dict(name="Players", filterFunction=playerIcons)]
# Overworld Night
renders["".join((the_server," Night")).replace("_"," ").title()] = {
'world': world_name,
'title': 'Nighttime',
'rendermode': 'smooth_night',
"dimension": "overworld",
# Overworld caves
renders["".join((the_server," Caves")).replace("_"," ").title()] = {
'world': world_name,
'title': 'Caves',
"rendermode": cave,
"dimension": "overworld",
"overlay" : [world_name, "".join((the_server," Night")).replace("_"," ").title()],
# Only add The End and Nether if they actually exist
subregions = os.walk("".join(('/opt/msm/servers/',the_server,"/worldstorage/world/"))).next()[1]
for subregion in subregions:
subregion_path = "".join(('/opt/msm/servers/',the_server,"/worldstorage/world/",subregion))
if ('DIM-1' in subregion) and os.listdir(subregion_path):
renders["".join((the_server," Nether")).replace("_"," ").title()] = {
'world': world_name,
'title': 'Nether',
"rendermode": nether_smooth_lighting,
"dimension": "nether",
if ('DIM1' in subregion) and os.listdir(subregion_path):
renders["".join((the_server," The End")).replace("_"," ").title()] = {
'world': world_name,
'title': 'The End',
"rendermode": nether_smooth_lighting,
"dimension": "end",
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