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Created May 8, 2016
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Buildroot config for OrangePi Plus
# board/orangepi/orangepi_plus/readme.txt
OrangePi Plus
This default configuration will allow you to start experimenting with the
buildroot environment for the OrangePi PC. With the current configuration
it will bring-up the board, and allow access through the serial console.
How to build it
Configure Buildroot:
$ make orangepi_plus_defconfig
Compile everything and build the self extracting initrd FEL boot image:
$ make
Once the build process is finished you will have a script called
"fel-boot.bsx" in the output/images/ directory.
Make sure sunxi-tools/sunxi-fel is in your current PATH if they are
not installed.
Connect your OrangePi Plus via the OSB-OTG port and put it into FEL
mode by pressing the FEL button. Run fel-boot.bsx and the OrangePi
Plus will boot from the compiled image.
$ sudo fel-boot.bsx
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