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Last active February 2, 2024 03:20
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QEMU 7.0.0 configuration for Ubuntu 22.04 (LTS) with WHPX acceleration
:: In order to make Ubuntu 22.04 to work with WHPX acceleration without crashes, you have to activate the following CPU features:
:: -aes
:: -avx
:: -sse4.1
:: -sse4.2
:: -ssse3
:: -x2apic
:: -xsave
:: You can change every other option, only CPU and WHPX options are mandatory.
:: OVMF.fd can be downloaded from
start qemu-system-x86_64w.exe ^
-accel whpx,kernel-irqchip=off ^
-bios OVMF.fd ^
-machine q35 ^
-cpu qemu64,aes=on,avx=on,sse4.1=on,sse4.2=on,ssse3=on,x2apic=on,xsave=on ^
-smp 4 ^
-m 4096 ^
-device virtio-vga,xres=1366,yres=768 ^
-device ich9-intel-hda ^
-device hda-output ^
-usb ^
-device usb-kbd ^
-device usb-tablet ^
-drive file=ubuntu-22.04-desktop-amd64.qcow2,if=virtio ^
-drive file=ubuntu-22.04-desktop-amd64.iso,media=cdrom,if=virtio ^
-display sdl,window-close=off
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