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tdcosta100 / NeedlemanWunsch.cs
Last active August 21, 2019 15:21
Needleman-Wunsch algorithm
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
namespace Algorithms
public class NeedlemanWunsch
private enum CorrespondenceType
tdcosta100 /
Last active June 10, 2024 08:01
A tutorial to use GUI in WSL2 replacing original XServer by Xvnc, allowing WSL to work like native Linux, including login screen

WSL2 with GUI using Xvnc

In this tutorial, we will setup GUI in WSL2, and access it using VNC. No additional software outside WSL (like VcXsrv) is required, except, of course, a VNC Viewer (RealVNC, TightVNC, TigerVNC, UVNC, etc, all of them might work flawlessly).

The key component we need to install is tigervnc-standalone-server.

For this setup, I will use Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa, unfortunately 22.04 does not work), and install GNOME Desktop. Since the key components aren't bound to Ubuntu or GNOME, you can use your favorite distro and GUI. Check the Sample screenshots section for examples.

So let's go. First, we need a working WSL2 installation.

tdcosta100 /
Last active June 12, 2024 13:03
Tutorial para utilizar interface gráfica no WSL2, substituindo XServer pelo Xvnc, permitindo ao WSL trabalhar como se fosse Linux nativo, incluindo tela de login

WSL2 com interface gráfica utilizando Xvnc

Nesse tutorial, iremos configurar a interface gráfica no WSL2 e acessá-la utilizando VNC. Nenhum software adicional fora do WSL é necessário (como o VcXsrv), exceto, claro, um VNC Viewer (RealVNC, TightVNC, TigerVNC, UVNC, etc, todos devem funcionar sem problemas).

Os componentes-chave que precisamos instalar são: tigervnc-standalone-server e systemd-genie.

Para essa configuração, irei utilizar o Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) e irei instalar o GNOME Desktop. Uma vez que os componentes-chave não são diretamente relacionados ou dependentes do Ubuntu ou do GNOME, você pode utilizar sua distribuição favorita e interface gráfica. Dê uma olhada na seção [Telas de exempo](

tdcosta100 / QEMU-Ubuntu-22.04-WHPX.bat
Last active February 2, 2024 03:20
QEMU 7.0.0 configuration for Ubuntu 22.04 (LTS) with WHPX acceleration
:: In order to make Ubuntu 22.04 to work with WHPX acceleration without crashes, you have to activate the following CPU features:
:: -aes
:: -avx
:: -sse4.1
:: -sse4.2
:: -ssse3
:: -x2apic
:: -xsave
:: You can change every other option, only CPU and WHPX options are mandatory.