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import UIKit
import Security
let serviceIdentifier = ""
let accessGroup = ""
let kSecClassValue = kSecClass as NSString
let kSecAttrAccountValue = kSecAttrAccount as NSString
let kSecValueDataValue = kSecValueData as NSString
let kSecClassGenericPasswordValue = kSecClassGenericPassword as NSString
let kSecAttrServiceValue = kSecAttrService as NSString
let kSecMatchLimitValue = kSecMatchLimit as NSString
let kSecReturnDataValue = kSecReturnData as NSString
let kSecMatchLimitOneValue = kSecMatchLimitOne as NSString
class KeychainService: NSObject {
class func setString(value: NSString, forKey: String) {, key: forKey, data: value)
class func stringForKey(key: String) -> NSString? {
var token = self.load(serviceIdentifier, key: key)
return token
class func removeItemForKey(key: String) {, key: key, data: "")
class func save(service: NSString, key: String, data: NSString) {
var dataFromString: NSData = data.dataUsingEncoding(NSUTF8StringEncoding, allowLossyConversion: false)!
// Instantiate a new default keychain query
var keychainQuery: NSMutableDictionary = NSMutableDictionary(objects: [kSecClassGenericPasswordValue, service, key, dataFromString], forKeys: [kSecClassValue, kSecAttrServiceValue, kSecAttrAccountValue, kSecValueDataValue])
// Delete any existing items
SecItemDelete(keychainQuery as CFDictionaryRef)
if data == "" { return }
// Add the new keychain item
var status: OSStatus = SecItemAdd(keychainQuery as CFDictionaryRef, nil)
class func load(service: NSString, key: String) -> NSString? {
// Instantiate a new default keychain query
// Tell the query to return a result
// Limit our results to one item
var keychainQuery: NSMutableDictionary = NSMutableDictionary(objects: [kSecClassGenericPasswordValue, service, key, kCFBooleanTrue, kSecMatchLimitOneValue], forKeys: [kSecClassValue, kSecAttrServiceValue, kSecAttrAccountValue, kSecReturnDataValue, kSecMatchLimitValue])
var dataTypeRef :Unmanaged<AnyObject>?
// Search for the keychain items
let status: OSStatus = SecItemCopyMatching(keychainQuery, &dataTypeRef)
let opaque = dataTypeRef?.toOpaque()
var contentsOfKeychain: NSString?
if let op = opaque? {
let retrievedData = Unmanaged<NSData>.fromOpaque(op).takeUnretainedValue()
// Convert the data retrieved from the keychain into a string
contentsOfKeychain = NSString(data: retrievedData, encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding)
} else {
return nil
return contentsOfKeychain
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