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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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My Terminal Utils
# Using this method:
import os
import save_as_alias
user = raw_input("User(root etc.): ")
host = raw_input("Host(x.x.x.x): ")
path = os.getcwd()
os.system("cd ~ ; ssh {0}@{1} mkdir -p .ssh".format(user, host))
os.system("cd ~ ; cat .ssh/ | ssh {0}@{1} \'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys\'".format(user, host))
os.system("cd "+path)
add_alias_answer = raw_input("Should I make an alias?(y/n)")
if add_alias_answer in ["y", "yes"]:
keyword = raw_input("Alias keyword(tdgserver): ")
save_as_alias.add_alias(keyword, "ssh {0}@{1}".format(user,host))
import os
ZSH_PATH = "/Users/tdgunes/.zshrc"
ZSH_FILE = open(ZSH_PATH,"r")
lines = list(ZSH_FILE.readlines())
count = 0
found_lines = []
for line in lines:
if line.startswith("alias"):
count += 1
for number,line in found_lines:
print str(number)+": "+line.strip()
delete_number = int(raw_input("which line: "))
with open(ZSH_PATH, "w") as zsh_file:
for line in lines:
print "Done"
import os
ZSH_PATH = "/Users/tdgunes/.zshrc"
def add_alias(keyword, alias):
with open(ZSH_PATH, "a") as zsh_file:
zsh_file.write("alias "+keyword +"=\""+alias+"\"\n")
os.system("tail " + ZSH_PATH)
print "------------"
print "write this if you want to apply the config now:
print ". "+ZSH_PATH
if __name__ == '__main__':
keyword = raw_input("keyword(get): ")
alias = raw_input("alias(curl ..): ")
add_alias(keyword, alias)
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