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Docker Hub Pull Image Example Output
Unable to find image 'sonarqube:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from library/sonarqube
bc9ab73e5b14: Pull complete
193a6306c92a: Pull complete
e5c3f8c317dc: Pull complete
a587a86c9dcb: Pull complete
a4c7ee7ef122: Pull complete
a7c0dad691e9: Pull complete
367a6a68b113: Pull complete
60c0e52d1ec2: Pull complete
c9d22bc43935: Pull complete
884af0bfbb9a: Pull complete
35a8cd0c916a: Pull complete
9f9ecbe7a343: Pull complete
af800bded4f3: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:cc57b262ee9e7145456dee8c7ae24622c82b22cabeaac4651e7dd642da806f2e
Status: Downloaded newer image for sonarqube:latest
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