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Sum tuples of data using sqlite3
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sqlite3
def sumtuples(data, key_index):
cur = sqlite3.connect(':memory:').cursor()
cols = ['i{0}'.format(i) for i, _ in enumerate(data[0])]
schema = 'CREATE TABLE items ({0})'.format(','.join(cols))
sql = 'INSERT INTO items VALUES ({0})'.format(','.join('?' for _ in cols))
cur.executemany(sql, data)
key = cols[key_index]
summed = ','.join(['SUM({0})'.format(col) for col in cols if col != key])
sql = 'SELECT {0}, {1} FROM items GROUP BY {0}'.format(key, summed)
return cur
def main():
data = [
('a', 1, 2),
('b', 2, 3),
('a', 1, 2),
('b', 2, 3)
print(list(sumtuples(data, 0)))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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