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GSoC 2017 Final Report

Finding work done in GSoC 2017:

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Since, the project idea was to write GUI for CCExtractor and make the code fit in existing directory structure.
So, I cloned the code from CCExtractor Main repository to my GSoC Project Repository and added GUI code to it. It would also make it easier to merge in CCExtractor Main repository, once the repository maintainers have made their final checks.

Main GUI source files:
(This document can also be found here as

For compiling and testing:

Refer in GSoC Project Repository.

Screenshots of GUI can be found here

Work done before getting selected in Google Summer of Code 2017:

Code is merged to main repository

  1. Wrote Autoconf scripts for CLI CCExtractor compilation to remove hassle of writing and modifying Makefile(s) manually.
  2. Wrote .tar.gz(tarball) package creation script.
  3. Wrote .rpm package creation script.
  4. Added OCR/Burned subs extraction support for Mac computers by writing autoconf scripts for Mac.

List of commits:

What's done in GSoC

The Code is not merged to main repository, yet.

  1. Wrote GUI from scratch using Nuklear library in C language. GUI contains a tabbed view covering the almost all options CLI CCExtractor offers.
  2. Code added to existing directory structure of Main Repository.
  3. Modified autoconf compilation scripts for CCExtractor to build GUI along with CLI CCExtractor.
  4. Added a ccextractorGUI project in existingccextractor.sln Visual studio Solution, to compile CLI with GUI. All the dependencies required to compile are provided in the repository itself.
  5. Wrote documentation for GUI.

Project is complete and usable (as proposed in GSoC proposal)
List of commits:

Update: Code is now merged, link to pull request:

Mayank Gupta

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