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Created September 10, 2019 06:30
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* Code snippet to expose ninja tables data as JSON via URL
* Example URL:
* In this url 1463 is the table ID that you want to access the data using JSON
* You should change the key 'your_security_key' in the url as well in the code
* to protect the endpoint
add_action('init', function() {
if(isset($_GET['get_ninja_table_data'])) {
$securityKey = 'your_security_key';
$key = $_GET['key'];
if($key != $securityKey) {
exit('key mismatch');
$tableId = intval($_GET['get_ninja_table_data']);
$data = ninjaTablesGetTablesDataByID($tableId);
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Thank you for showing this option - I have modernized this concept to leverage the built in REST api features of WordPress at

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