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Last active November 1, 2023 10:13
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* Code snippet to make login form with Fluent Forms WordPress Plugins
* Steps:
* 1. make a form with email and password (Make sure the name attribute is 'email' and 'password' for corresponding field)
* 2. Paste the shorcode in a page
* 3. Change the form id in the bellow code (23) with your created fluentform's form id and paste in your theme's functions.php file
* 4. That's it
* Note: In this example: No actual form submission will be happened as we are redirecting the user before inserting the data
add_action('fluentform_before_insert_submission', function ($insertData, $data, $form) {
if($form->id != 23) { // 23 is your form id. Change the 23 with your own login for ID
$redirectUrl = home_url(); // You can change the redirect url after successful login
if (get_current_user_id()) { // user already registered
'result' => [
'redirectUrl' => $redirectUrl,
'message' => 'Your are already logged in. Redirecting now...'
$email = \FluentForm\Framework\Helpers\ArrayHelper::get($data, 'email'); // your form should have email field
$password = \FluentForm\Framework\Helpers\ArrayHelper::get($data, 'password'); // your form should have password field
if(!$email || !$password) {
'errors' => ['Please provide email and password']
], 423);
$user = get_user_by_email($email);
if($user && wp_check_password($password, $user->user_pass, $user->ID)) {
/* user is not logged in.
* If you use wp_send_json_success the the submission will not be recorded
* If you remove the wp_send_json_success then it will record the data in fluentform
* in that case you should redirect the user on form submission settings
'result' => [
'redirectUrl' => $redirectUrl,
'message' => 'Your are logged in, Please wait while you are redirecting'
} else {
// password or user don't match
'errors' => ['Email / password is not correct']
], 423);
}, 10, 3);
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Hi, any ideas on how to do the same for user registration form, using Fluent Forms WordPress Plugins

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