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Factory.define :application do |factory|
factory.attachment(:sample, "public/samples/sample.doc", "application/msword")
require 'action_controller/test_process'
Factory.class_eval do
def attachment(name, path, content_type = nil)
path_with_rails_root = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/#{path}"
uploaded_file = if content_type, content_type)
add_attribute name, uploaded_file
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flov commented Oct 31, 2010

where do you put the factory_attachment.rb in the init directory?

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technicalpickles commented Nov 1, 2010

I don't have the project I originally extracted this from handy, so I'm not sure where exactly I had it.

It doesn't actually matter where it lives, as long as it's required in the factories.rb. You could even just drop it at the top of the file really.

I'll see about gemming this up, which should make it a bit easier :)

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