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Last active August 2, 2018 01:42
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Sitecore Powershell script to restore items from recycle bin archived after a certain date (e.g. recently deleted)
[datetime]$archivedDate = [datetime]::Today.AddDays(-1)
Write-Host "Restoring items recycled after $($archivedDate.ToShortDateString())"
foreach($archive in Get-Archive -Name "recyclebin") {
Write-Host " - Found $($archive.GetEntryCount()) entries"
$entries = $archive.GetEntries(0, $archive.GetEntryCount())
foreach($entry in $entries) {
if($entry.ArchiveLocalDate -ge $archivedDate) {
Write-Host "Restoring item: $($entry.OriginalLocation) {$($entry.ArchivalId)}on date $($entry.ArchiveLocalDate)"
} else {
Write-Host "Skipping $($entry.OriginalLocation) on date $($entry.ArchiveLocalDate)"
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This script just saved my bacon. Thanks man!

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