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Development of thoughts
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Created March 15, 2019 17:13
PHP String Function examples
The strinng functions work on String . String functions are various type of function .
String Functions In php -
strlen() Find out the string length
echo strlen("Learn PHP "); // outputs 9
Variables are store the different type of data that is known as data type Various data type has performed a different task. PHP supports many data types written below.
• String
• Integer
int 20;
• Float (Floating point numbers )
float 34.5;
technosmarter / gist:bb898381b2f5798a0a99796cb08ad531
Last active March 15, 2019 16:52
PHP intro code for begiiners .
PHP is one of the best programming language that is useful for website development . PHP development for beginners.
PHP designed by Rasmus Lerdorf and developed by Zend Technologies in 1994 .
Introdction to PHP -
PHP is a server side scription langauge that is used to develop a website .
PHP Initial code -