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Created June 25, 2023 01:11
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manipulating string based on the functions provided by string.h library.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
int main(void) {
const char alphabet[] = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ";
char firstText[50] = "Hello ";
const char secondText[] = "World!";
const int alphabetLength = strlen(alphabet);
const int alphabetByte = sizeof(alphabet);
const char firstStr[] = "Happy";
char secondStr[10];
const char thirdStr[] = "Happy";
const char greeting[] = "Hello";
int myAge;
char myChar;
char myFirstName[20];
char myFullName[30];
int* ptr = &myAge;
// String Manipulation
strcat(firstText, secondText);
strcpy(secondStr, thirdStr);
const int str13Cmp = strcmp(firstStr, thirdStr);
const int str3greetingCmp = strcmp(thirdStr, greeting);
// User Input using scanf
printf("Please type your age and grade: ");
scanf("%d %c", &myAge, &myChar);
printf("Please enter your first name: ");
scanf("%19s", myFirstName);
// User Input using fgets
printf("Please enter your full name: ");
getchar(); // Clear the newline character from the previous input
fgets(myFullName, sizeof(myFullName), stdin);
myFullName[strcspn(myFullName, "\n")] = '\0';
// Memory Address and Pointers
printf("My age is: %d\n", myAge);
printf("My character is: %c\n", myChar);
printf("My first name is: %s\n", myFirstName);
printf("My full name is: %s\n", myFullName);
printf("%p\n", (void*)&myAge);
printf("%p\n", (void*)ptr);
printf("%d\n", *ptr);
// Output
printf("%d\n", alphabetLength);
printf("%d\n", alphabetByte);
printf("%s\n", firstText);
printf("%s\n", secondStr);
printf("%d\n", str13Cmp);
printf("%d\n", str3greetingCmp);
return 0;
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