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This DSC example contains multiple nodes and compile to multiple MOFs, one for each server. In this example the code configuration is not duplicated, and is instead replicated out for each node during the compile of the MOFs. This is often more effic
Configuration Demo2 {
Param ()
Import-DscResource -ModuleName PSDesiredStateConfiguration
node $AllNodes.NodeName {
WindowsFeature 'Telnet-Client' {
#DependsOn = "[WindowsFeature]Failover-Clustering"
Ensure = "Absent"
Name = "Telnet-Client"
} #telnet
File RequiredDirectory {
Ensure = 'Present'
Type = 'Directory'
DestinationPath = "C:\RequiredDirectory"
} #requiredDirectory
} #allNodes
} #close configuration
$cd = @{
AllNodes = @(
@{ NodeName = 'Server1'},
@{ NodeName = 'Server2'},
@{ NodeName = 'Server3'}
Demo2 -Configuration $cd -outputpath c:\DSC\Test
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