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Logging - Automatically get module.class name for log() caller
import inspect
import logging
def log(level, msg, depth=1):
"""Logging function that detects name of appropriate logger for calling
function in 'module.class' format. `depth` allows to specify a higher
frame in a call stack if you want to wrap this function.
name = None
parentframe = inspect.stack()[depth][0]
name = inspect.getmodule(parentframe).__name__
if 'self' in parentframe.f_locals:
name = '%s.%s' % (name, parentframe.f_locals['self'].__class__.__name__)
del parentframe
logger = logging.getLogger(name)
logger.log(level, msg)
class A(object):
def hugo(self):
log(logging.INFO, 'hugo calling')
def another():
log(logging.INFO, 'another call')
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format="%(name)-15s %(message)s")
log(logging.INFO, 'root message')
a = A()

techtonik commented Oct 16, 2011

4c4c15 - optimized a bit
3262ca - added depth parameter that is useful for wrappers
256e5f - imported logging

Current output looks like:

__main__        root message
__main__.A      hugo calling
__main__        another call

techtonik commented Oct 19, 2011

added depth parameter that is useful for wrappers


techtonik commented Oct 19, 2011

imported logging

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