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Skip disk activation dialog

Description (trello PBI)

From the POV of a user, during installation, if the installer restart after a self-update it should continue from the same step as before the self-update/restart was applied. To get it, two requirements should be met:

  1. All the steps before the one wich do the restart should be skipped remembering them state [1]
  2. In case the user decides to go back from the current step, the dialogs should maintain the same state as if a self update wouldn't been applied.

Taking this in account, we encountered that the two requirements weren't met.

Regarding to the first requirement, the Disk Activation Step was not skipped during a restart stoping the restart at this point.

Disks Activation

About the second requirement, if the user goes back until the Language Selection Step, the first dialog was shown again and the License Agreement was not remembered so there was a bug.



The first solution proposed was just ask if the installation was updated or not, skipping (not removing it) the Disk Activation Step . But this solution have or could have some undesired effects as for example

  • If the client is called in further steps it could be also skipped.
  • If the users goes back, we can check that he is coming back but in case go next the dialog will be skipped (inconsistency with back and forth).

Taking this in account we decided to add a new flag (Installation.restarting), so the step that wants to restart yast are reponsible of add the mark and remove the mark, and the steps in the middle can check this flag during installation to save the current state and skip the dialog.

The modules involved and PR's are:

yast/yast-installation yast/yast-yast2 yast/yast-packager

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