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AxImp Error: API restriction: The assembly '' has already loaded from a different location. It cannot be loaded from a new location within the same appdomain.
If you met this, check the path specified in /rcw: is an absolute file path instead of relative one, e.g.
cd c:\code\app
aximp.exe ..\bin\rtsxdlg.dll /rcw:C:\code\bin\Interop.MyOcx.dll /out:..\bin\AxInterop.MyOcx.dll /keyfile:mykey.snk /ignoreregisteredocx /verbose
will work,
compared to the following
aximp.exe ..\bin\rtsxdlg.dll /rcw:..\bin\Interop.MyOcx.dll /out:..\bin\AxInterop.MyOcx.dll /keyfile:mykey.snk /ignoreregisteredocx /verbose
which is not always working.
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