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HDFS cron to delete old files in directory
now=$(date +%s);
# Loop through files
hdfs dfs -ls /some_hdfs_directory | while read f; do
# Get File Date and File Name
file_date=`echo $f | awk '{print $6}'`;
file_name=`echo $f | awk '{print $8}'`;
echo $file_date
echo $file_name
# Calculate Days Difference
difference=$(( ($now - $(date -d "$file_date" +%s)) / (24 * 60 * 60) ));
if [ $difference -gt $days_to_keep ]; then
echo "Deleting $file_name it is older than $days_to_keep and is dated $file_date.";
hdfs dfs -rm $file_name

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mishmam3 commented Mar 26, 2020

Thank you, this is very helpful 🙏

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