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start ax25ipd KISS mode
socket udp 93
mode tnc
device /dev/pts/2
speed 115200
loglevel 4
broadcast QST-0 NODES-0 FBB-0
# extern
route ks0nod udp 93 d
# intern
route ALAI udp 10093 b
route BEAN udp 10093 b
axudp N0CALL-11 - 255 4 AX.25<->IP
kissnetd -p2 > $tmpfile 2>/dev/null & disown
sleep 2
function attach() {
read PTS1 PTS2
echo "Starting ipd on $PTS1 and $PTS2"
sleep 1
sed -i "s,device /dev/.*$,device $PTS2," /etc/ax25/ax25ipd.conf
sleep 1
kissattach $PTS1 axudp
tail -n 1 $tmpfile | attach
rm $tmpfile
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