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Spinning and connecting all the plates

Jacqui tekiegirl

Spinning and connecting all the plates
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Import Distinct Data With Relationships

Import Distinct Data from a CSV file, and create relationships

Here is an example of importing distinct data from a CSV file, and creating relationships using that data.

Graph Population

This method is more efficient than just using MERGE. It never tries to match any duplicates from the csv file as they are filtered out beforehand. It still uses MERGE to ensure that duplicate nodes are not created, but in this situation this would only be required if the csv file was loaded more than once.

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Import Distinct Data

Import Distinct Data from a CSV file

Here are two methods for importing only distinct data from a CSV file, without having to pre-process the CSV for duplicates. Method 2 is more efficient than Method 1.

Graph Population Method 1

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private void ClearDb(IGraphClient client)
tekiegirl / DropColumnIfExists.sql
Created Apr 5, 2016
Drop a column, using SQL, if it exists
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IF exists( select * from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS where TABLE_NAME='myTable' and COLUMN_NAME='columnToDrop')
ALTER TABLE myTable drop COLUMN columnToDrop
tekiegirl / existing.sql
Created Mar 24, 2016
Adding a relationship constraint to an existing or new column in MS SQL
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ALTER TABLE [dbo].[MyTable]
REFERENCES [dbo].[OtherTable] (Ident)
View Entity-Framework-Seed-Problem
// Seed code from Configuration.cs
protected override void Seed(DAL.Models.Context context)
// This method will be called after migrating to the latest version.
// Default Customers - create
var customers = new[]{
new Customer { Name = "cust_a" },
new Customer { Name = "cust_b" },
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Baby Names Graph

Initial Data Setup

tekiegirl / BabyNames
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Baby Names Graph Gist
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== Baby Names Graph
:neo4j-version: neo4j-2.1
:author: Jacqui Read
:twitter: @tekiegirl
=== Initial Data Setup
tekiegirl / navigation.adoc
Last active Jun 3, 2019
A neo4j graph gist showing how satellite navigation mapping can be modelled in a graph.
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Roads, Nodes and Automobiles

or 'How a sat-nav could use a graph database'