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An example .gitattributes file that will configure custom hunk header patterns for some common languages and file formats. See for more details.
# Stick this in your home directory and point your Global Git config at it by running:
# $ git config --global core.attributesfile ~/.gitattributes
# See for more details
*.c diff=cpp
*.h diff=cpp
*.c++ diff=cpp
*.h++ diff=cpp
*.cpp diff=cpp
*.hpp diff=cpp
*.cc diff=cpp
*.hh diff=cpp
*.m diff=objc
*.mm diff=objc
*.cs diff=csharp
*.css diff=css
*.html diff=html
*.xhtml diff=html
*.ex diff=elixir
*.exs diff=elixir
*.go diff=golang
*.php diff=php
*.pl diff=perl
*.py diff=python
*.md diff=markdown
*.rb diff=ruby
*.rake diff=ruby
*.rs diff=rust
*.lisp diff=lisp
*.el diff=lisp
# Additional manually-configured matchers you may want to add to your .gitconfig
[diff "rspec"]
xfuncname = "^[ \t]*((RSpec|describe|context|it|before|after|around|feature|scenario|background)[ \t].*)$"
[diff "swift"]
xfuncname = ^[ \t]*((class|func)[ \t].*)$
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citizen428 commented Oct 20, 2020

@Rafi993 There aren't any defined regex for ERb in the git source, so it's either HTML or nothing.

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Rafi993 commented Oct 20, 2020

Thank you @citizen428

I think you mentioned some other user by accident :)

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triwats commented Oct 20, 2020

This is great, thanks a lot! Super useful if you're using a less rich editor such as Vim and working mainly out of a terminal.

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jimryan commented Oct 22, 2020

Thank you so much for this! I work with rspec and capybara a lot and found using the built-in ruby diff for spec files broke the hunk header entirely for them, so I wrote my own regex for specs based on the native ruby regex:

# .gitconfig

[diff "rspec"]
        xfuncname = "^[ \t]*((RSpec|describe|context|it|before|after|around|feature|scenario|background)[ \t].*)$"

You can then use "rspec" as a diff driver:

# .gitattributes

*.rb       diff=ruby
*_spec.rb  diff=rspec

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tekin commented Oct 22, 2020

@jimryan that’s super cool, thanks for sharing!

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zubin commented Oct 22, 2020

@jimryan Might want to add around too. Thanks!

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jimryan commented Oct 22, 2020

@zubin Good point! I've updated the snippet above. Thanks!

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ulwlu commented Oct 30, 2020

Thank you for a great tip.
I found this gist as well and comment here for additional info.

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