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Git/Rails Screencast

Git with Rails Tutorial

The PeepCode screencast, naturally, is also high quality (though for a fee).

Pragmatic Programmers offer the Insider Guide to Github-
Git on Rails is a good introduction from Railscasts.

GitCasts, if you like Railscasts, you’ll love this one too.

Getting Started with GitHub, walks through a basic first-run using GitHub via

Git/Django Screencast

Django more your style? Check out Brian Rosner’s Git/Django screencast.

Google TechTalks

  • 2007-05-04 – Linus Torvalds on Git (Linus talks mainly about what Git is NOT as well as underlying general concepts such as distribution and integrity; he also shoots a lot of flames at developers and users of other SCM systems that he considers inferior. It is an entertaining talk.)
  • 2007-10-12 – Randal Schwartz on Git (A good overview about what Git does and why it’s better than most other SCM systems; the specifics on how to use it get a bit lost because Randal is running out of time towards the end.)

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commented Feb 28, 2011

gitcasts seems to be broken. Are the related files somewhere else?


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commented Nov 21, 2011

The first link i clicked on this page resulted in 404 error, no page there. not good. not good at all.

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