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Bitcoin prices in real time from the coindesk website api (bash script)
# Credit to David Walsh for the original script <>
# The improved version of David's script doesn't go back to prompt. It keeps refreshing the prices every 5 seconds.
# Prices are in USD, EUR & GBP (in real time)
# curl must be installed in terminal
echo "Coindesk BTC: "
echo " USD EUR GBP "
while [ 1 ]
curl -s | python -c "import json, sys; bitcoin=json.load(sys.stdin); print bitcoin['bpi']['USD']['rate'] + '\t' + bitcoin['bpi']['EUR']['rate'] + '\t' + bitcoin['bpi']['GBP']['rate']"
printf "\033[A"
sleep 5
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ghost commented Jul 7, 2020

hey, nice one! check my scripts, some of them have websockets or curl loop to keep fetching the latest rate of bitcoin and other cryptos..

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