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Created November 2, 2016 19:50
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Comms example
// Given an interface like
sealed trait Mult
sealed trait One extends Mult
sealed trait ZeroOrOne extends Mult
sealed trait Many extends Mult
case class NoParam()
trait Qs {
type Atomic[P, M <: Mult, T]
type Nested[P, M <: Mult, T[_ <: Qs]]
final type A1[T] = Atomic[NoParam, One, T]
final type N1[T[_ <: Qs]] = Nested[NoParam, One, T]
// We build an API like
// Semantic type wrapper. Needs instances for Circe KeyEncoder, KeyDecoder,
// Encoder, and Decoder.
case class Name(name: String)
// Simple data types have only "atomic" fields.
case class Loc[S <: Qs](
lat: S#A1[Double],
lon: S#A1[Double]
// Complex data types also nest inner queries.
case class Person[S <: Qs](
name: S#A1[Name],
hometown: S#N1[City],
// Data types can query one another recursively.
case class City[S <: Qs](
name: S#A1[Name],
location: S#N1[Loc],
mayor: S#Nested[NoParam, ZeroOrOne, Person]
// Queries can also be parameterized and may return in various multiplicities.
case class MasterQuery[S <: Qs](
// People have unique names!
getPerson: S#Nested[Name, ZeroOrOne, Person],
getAllPeople: S#Nested[NoParam, Many, Person]
// --- --- --- ---
// Assume a trait something like
trait Endpoint {
type Query[_ <: Qs]
def buildQuery[T](k: QueryBuilder[Api] => Lookup[Api, T]): Lookup[Api, T]
// where Lookup handles building a query upon a given Api and handling a
// response from the server to that Query
case class Lookup[Api, T](
request: Request[Api],
handleResponse: Response[Api] => Option[T]
type Request[Api[_ <: Qs]] = Api[ReqS]
type Response[Api[_ <: Qs]] = Api[RespS]
trait ReqS extends Qs {
type Atomic[P, M <: Mult, T] = Set[P]
type Nested[P, M <: Mult, T[_ <: Qs]] = HashMap[P, Request[T]]
// We build Lookup[Api, T] values like
val lookup: Lookup[(Double, Double)] =
Ep.buildQuery { (q: QueryBuilder[MasterQuery]) =>
q.getPerson.apply(Name("Joseph Abrahamson")) { person =>
// Anonymous function inference actually works fine here
person.hometown.get { city =>
city.location.get { loc =>
( |@| loc.lon.get).tupled
// Then using functions like
def sendToServer[Api[_ <: Qs]](req: Request[Api]): Task[Response[Api]]
// we collect all the needed data and have responses available to convert to
// userland values via the `.handleResponse` member on `lookup` above.
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