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@telent telent/build.boot
Created Sep 9, 2016

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;; As of September 2016, using the version of boot-clj that I got by following the Nix install instructions,
;; here is how I built a clojure "hello world" as a uberjar that you can run with `java -jar`. I do
;; not claim it is the right way, merely that it worked for me. This file is build.boot
:resource-paths #{"src"} ; may be optional?
:source-paths #{"src"} ; my code is in src/myapp/core.clj
:dependencies '[[org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0"]]) ; not sure I'm actually using this, boot may be overriding it
; these are default arguments that are merged in whenever their respective tasks are called
pom {:project 'myapp ; this is java magic and i don't know why I'm doing it
:version "0.1.0"}
jar {:main 'myapp.core}
target {:dir #{"target/"}})
; these are the tasks which I want to run
(deftask build []
(aot :namespace #{'myapp.core}) ; I *think* this is needed to get a .class file for this ns into the jar
(uber) ; unpacks all the dependencies into the output fileset
(jar) ; the file this creates is called "project.jar" no matter what the project was called
(sift :include #{#"project.jar$"}) ; remove all the other files in the output fileset
;; requirement for the following step seems to have been added quite recently as I don't see it mentioned
;; in many web examples. without it you will not get the target/ directory and will never be able to find
;; the generated example
(target) ; save the output fileset
(install) ; I thnk this also puts stuff in your local maven (may be able to skip this)
;; this is src/myapp/core.clj
(ns myapp.core (:gen-class)) ; gen-class is important
(defn -main []
(println "hello world"))

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telent commented Sep 9, 2016

Impressions of boot as a new user:

  • I couldn't see anywhere obvious in the docs to tell me I needed to call (target)
  • I missed :gen-class but I always forget that with leiningen too, so not boot's fault
  • Having successfully avoided programming java pretty much ever since the time that applets were a thing, I have only the most superficial understanding of POMs and suchlike. I think this is required Because Reasons

To get the example to work, run

$ boot build

I have not (knowingly) used any plugins or middlewares or any other libraries here.

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