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Created Feb 10, 2011

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display gnome notification-area thing whenever rsync is running
function in_progress() {
notify-send "Backup running" "The backup is running. Please don't unplug Fred";
GROUP=users # could make this plugdev or staff or whoever
if ! ( id -a | grep -q $GROUP ) ; then
echo "Not a member of the $GROUP group, exiting" >&2
exit 0
if [ x$DISPLAY = x ] ; then
echo "DISPLAY unset, exiting" >&2
while xset q >/dev/null ; do
until test -f $PID ; do inotifywait `dirname $PID` 2>/dev/null ;done
xset q >/dev/null || exit 0
while test -f $PID ;do
if zenity --notification --text "Backup in progress" --window-icon=/usr/share/icons/gnome/48x48/actions/document-save.png --timeout $POLL ;then
# zenity returns true if the icon is clicked, show a message.
test -f $PID && in_progress
notify-send -t 10000 "Backup finished" "The backup has finished. It is safe to unplug Fred now"

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telent commented Feb 10, 2011

Requires inotify-tools

The xset q calls are probably not as necessary as I thought they were when I added them, but are supposed to make the script die when DISPLAY goes away

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