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Created November 9, 2017 14:17
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model: special_treasure
for: players
reward: coins
health: 1
coins: 10
animSwing: HarvestApplePick
depletedMessage: L10n.ResourceHarvested_treasure
fxConsume: AppleTreeFX_Consume
fxRegenerate: AppleTreeFX_Regeneration
audio: harvest_apple_tree_1
strikes: 1
type: Treasure
totalReward: 10
health: 10
harvestAnimSwing: HarvestApplePick
harvestedMessage: L10n.ResourceHarvested_treasure
harvestFxConsume: AppleTreeFX_Consume
harvestFxRegenerate: AppleTreeFX_Regeneration
DPS: 0
staminaDPS: 0
model: special_treasure
harvestAudio: harvest_apple_tree_1
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