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Last active May 10, 2020
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A Proposal to Standardize Naming Convention of Chinese Submissions (Short Version)

Obviously, this full version of proposal is too long due to my indecent English writing skills.

A full version of this proposal is available here.

Adopting Pinyin for

  • We'll be following basic romanization and spacing rules from the national standard Basic Rules of the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet Orthography, GB/T 16159-2012.

    The original document is available here (Chinese). Wikipedia has also transcribed and translated the spacing rules here (English) for easier understanding.

  • Tones will be ignored.

  • Umlaut ü, will be kept however (*1), because we still have them in

How to name CJK submissions properly

...Or maybe extend that to everything, I'm not sure.

  • Step 1: Romanize everything that's either a title or subtitle regardlessly, because we'll record (almost) everything anyway;

    If they do not need romanization, that's good for you. But still, take a note of everything.

    Information to be gathered:

    • Original title(s) & subtitle(s) (non-Roman / Latin, if exists);
    • Official title(s) & subtitle(s) in another language (Romanized, if exists, commonly seen in Asian releases);
    • Parent / clone info (if exported / imported / re-released);
    • Any other alt titles that tries to ruin your day.
  • Step 2: Check the language and release type, pick a title for Title (Latin) (*1):

    • For imported / exported release, use the in-game title to rule out everything else;

    • If it's a domestic game without an official Latin / Germanic title, pick an appropriate Latin main title Romanized from the language of that region;

    • If it's a domestic game with an official Latin / Germanic title:

      • If the official Latin / Germanic title is phonetically the same as its non-Latin title, choose the official Latin / Germanic title as the submission's Latin main title;
      • Else, Romanize the non-Latin title(s) and pick one.
    • If it's a re-released game with a different name, use the in-game title to do decisions.

      Unaltered in-game title, unless special conditions, means a new edition, not a new game. However please stay cautious, because once in a while, it's the other way around!

    Do include the subtitle if necessary (e.g. visible on the box / disc), even if it's not in the game - as long as it doesn't bring extra conflicts, it should be kept for better keyword matching.

  • Step 3: Formatting Title (Latin) field;

    "Non-Latin title" field will not, and should not be affected, feel free to keep any stylized stuffs and Asian exotic charms there.

    • Hyphens-, tildes~ / wave dashes and any other marks that are meant for a subtitle will be converted to colons in main Latin titles;

      Examples: Ever17 -the out of infinity- -> Ever17: the out of infinity

      Fengse Huanxiang 2 ~aLIVE~ -> Fengse Huanxiang 2: aLIVE

    • Any non-Latin special marks that sits in the middle of two words, acting like a space will be converted to spaces. Latin marks are not affected;


      ノーモア★ヒーローズ -> No More Heroes

      オシャレ魔女♥ラブandベリー -> Oshare Majo Love and Berry

      Steins;Gate -> Steins;Gate (no conversion)

    • Any non-Latin special marks that combines multiple syllables into one word will be converted into hyphens.


      キラ☆キラ -> Kira-kira

  • Step 4: Drop every other title(s) and parent / clone info in the comments or as a separated field.

    I'm still not sure if we can use separate fields for complicated titles, and I'm even less sure about the parent / clone function on

    But if we're going to do it by the tables, we'll be needing the following fields:

    • Official Latin Alt-title (if not preferred as main title);
    • Disc Title - non-Latin (if disc title needs to be Romanized);
    • Title - Literal translation (if non-Latin title is chosen, not necessary);
    • Disc Title - Literal translation (if non-Latin disc title exists, not necessary);
    • Parent (if imported), Clone (if re-released), Child (not necessary?) - already implemented, need more utilization.

    Alternatively, comments will do.

Implement classification and romanization of edition names (optional)

Either way, I'd like to propose the implementation of "Edition / Release (Non-Latin)" field if possible, especially for Asian re-releases and bundles.

  • Plan A: enforcing edition identification with additional info

    Duct-tape solution. Not the best we can have, but it works when it works, and requires minimal commits.

    • If an edition / release name is not within the common options, leave the identification of the edition / release in the comments;
    • Alternatively, comment these information with a bracket, or preferably, implement an "Edition / Release Type" field.
  • Plan B: major refurbishment of Edition field (not recommended?)

    This is not a preferable option because it will take too much manpower to implement and do all those corrections. But I'll leave it here anyway for discussion.

    • Implement a new "Edition / release Type" field, consisting of:

    Original, Limited, Re-Release, Demo, Promo, Press, Budget, Tools, Extra

    • Re-design "Common Editions / Releases" options into:

    Shokai Genteiban, Genteiban, Shokaiban, Cosmi, Green Pepper, SoftKey, Sold Out Extreme, Sold Out Software, White Lable, Xplosiv with possible additions

    • Re-name "Other editions / releases" field into "Edition / Release Name".

TO-DO List

  • Discuss and reach an agreement on Pinyin implementation, CJK games naming standard, and (optionally) edition / release classification;
  • Start implementing proper word partitioning in Pinyin on;
  • Rechecking, and renaming all existing Chinese titles with proper titles;
  • Fix Chinese titles in the WIP queue the same way;
  • Collect suggestions and inputs on similar issues with Japanese and Korean, for we don't have Romanization standards for both languages and it's a concern for many people.

*1 This is open to debate. If we decide to give up umlauts in German, Chinese will do it with v instead. Otherwise, we can keep it.

*2 A side-note for checking game languages: do not simply decide the language by game title only! For example, there are plenty of Asian games that has an English title with everything else in its own language!

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