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Looker embed integration
require 'cgi'
require 'securerandom'
require 'uri'
require 'base64'
require 'json'
require 'openssl'
module LookerEmbedClient
def self.created_signed_embed_url(options)
# looker options
secret = options[:secret]
host = options[:host]
# user options
json_external_user_id = options[:external_user_id].to_json
json_first_name = options[:first_name].to_json
json_last_name = options[:last_name].to_json
json_permissions = options[:permissions].to_json
json_models = options[:models].to_json
json_access_filters = options[:access_filters].to_json
# url/session specific options
embed_path = '/login/embed' + CGI.escape(options[:embed_url])
json_session_length = options[:session_length].to_json
json_force_logout_login = options[:force_logout_login].to_json
# computed options
json_time =
json_nonce = SecureRandom.hex(16).to_json
# compute signature
string_to_sign = [host, embed_path, json_nonce, json_time,
json_session_length, json_external_user_id, json_permissions,
json_models, json_access_filters].join("\n")
signature = Base64.encode64(
# construct query string
query_params = {
nonce: json_nonce,
time: json_time,
session_length: json_session_length,
external_user_id: json_external_user_id,
permissions: json_permissions,
models: json_models,
access_filters: json_access_filters,
first_name: json_first_name,
last_name: json_last_name,
force_logout_login: json_force_logout_login,
signature: signature
query_string = URI.encode_www_form(query_params)
def sample
fifteen_minutes = 15 * 60
url_data = {
host: 'looker-url',
secret: 'secret_here',
external_user_id: '57',
first_name: 'Test Embed',
last_name: 'User',
permissions: ['see_user_dashboards', 'see_lookml_dashboards', 'access_data', 'see_looks'],
models: ['production_replica'],
access_filters: { marketplaces: {id: 3} },
session_length: fifteen_minutes,
embed_url: "/sso/dashboards/5",
force_logout_login: true
url = LookerEmbedClient::created_signed_embed_url(url_data)
puts "https://#{url}"
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