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Clojure Resources


Philosophy & Design of The Clojure Language, Clojure Programs, and Functional Programming in General




  • 4clojure - an online, interactive learning tool, with which you learn Clojure by solving puzzles.
  • Clojure Koans - another set of learning puzzles, but in this case you download them and work on them locally.


Keeping Up

jashmenn commented Apr 9, 2013

In the Keeping Up section, there's also

zmaril commented Apr 9, 2013

Prismatic is also pretty good for keeping up with Clojure if you select like "Functional Programming", "Lisp" and "Clojure" as topics you like.


teropa commented Apr 10, 2013

Thanks @jashmenn and @zmaril, added those.

@teropa could you add Clojurecademy which is an interactive(hands-on) platform that teaches Clojure, it's like Codecademy for Clojure.

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