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Last active July 5, 2017 04:18
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What is Project Eva?
"The chief Gnostic error is to believe that the rest of the world can remain in Hell."
Project Eva is a simple concept: to evangelize privacy and free and open source software and technologies to groups and individuals outside traditional hacker and programming circles.
Our goals are ambitious but also attainable. We recognize that much of the core technology for an interlinked, decentralized alternative to corporate communication channels already exists. We recognize that the devil is both in the details and in the biggest of all big pictures: creating a system that your Granddad can use, and a system that has more stickers and cool features than your Kid Sister's account on Snapchat.
We recognize that many great #FOSS products already exist -- and that their marketing budgets are a tiny fraction of their proprietary counterparts, if they have one at all. We recognize that this is a problem.
We recognize that we need to do a better job staying in touch with each other -- upvoting what is cool, beautiful, or useful -- because our aspiring artists and visionaries do not have access to a money machine or the long arm of corporate media to garner them "likes" and "tweets." We believe that #FOSS is bigger than programming. It encompasses all creative and collaborative disciplines and benefits all who value privacy, human rights, and open communication.
Ours is an uphill battle, but we believe it can and must be winnable. Successes like the global adoption of #Bitcoin and the recent growth of #Mastodon prove that #FOSS can compete and win. Meanwhile, events like the recent Internet shutdown in #Turkey show that a free and open Internet is not something we can take for granted.
The world cannot survive half slave and half free.
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