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testautomationtribe / Instructions
Created Sep 21, 2021 — forked from c3s4r/Instructions
Install Selenium grid node as a windows service
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Copy both files in a folder like c:\Selenium-install
Modify the selenium_node_install.bat accordingly
If you want to use MicrosoftEdge, before running the script you must install the webDriver:
If you want to use IE11, you must follow this instructions, for it to work:
You could also modify the selenium_node_install.bat if needed
Once ready, run the selenium_node_install.bat file, run it as Administrator
A service will be created.
testautomationtribe / docker-compose.yml
Last active Oct 9, 2016
docker-compose file to create selenium hub and register two nodes from containers. port is mapped HOST:CONTAINER. we communicated from outside world through Host IP and port
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image: selenium/hub
- "4444:4444"
image: selenium/node-chrome-debug
- hub