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Check if element is invisible with Capybara
def element_visible?(element_id)
# does the element exist?
exists = page.has_css?(element_id)
# is the element itself hidden with the .ui-helper-hidden class?
self_hidden = page.has_css?("#{element_id}.ui-helper-hidden")
# is the parent of the element hidden, thus hiding the element?
parent_hidden = page.has_css?(".ui-helper-hidden > #{element_id}")
# is the grandparent of the element, or any other ancestor, hidden?
other_ancestor_hidden = page.has_css?(".ui-helper-hidden * #{element_id}")
# if any of the above conditions are true, then the element is invisible
invisible = self_hidden || parent_hidden || other_ancestor_hidden
# the element is visible if it exists and it is not invisible
return (exists && !invisible)

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commented Apr 30, 2018

Very helpful, thank you.

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