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new html page which contains form fields using react
  • i am trying to create a new html page which contains form fields
  • i am trying to develop using react js
  • so i have used the react-starter-kit
  • in that src folder can you tell me where I can copy my html content in a page..
  • can you tell me whats the url should i need to hit to see the webpage...since I see only this url they have given http://localhost:3000/
  • providing image of my folder structure
  • i read through documentation but I am not able to find it

enter image description here

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koistya commented Mar 27, 2016

@texirv0203 The src/routes folder contains the list of the pages (aka screens, or views) of your app along with the corresponding routing information. Try copying src/route/login route for example into src/routes/new-page, fix the routing information in src/routes/new-page/index.js and register it in the top level file with routes - src/routes.js


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