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Vagrant Minecraft overviewer Notes



  • I was running a AWS instence to host a Minecraft Map ( ) with friends and it was costing me a bunch of $$$
  • Rendering on a cluster was slow, since disk was a bit slow, and MC Overviewer would only use 1 single note (no parrallel feature)
  • rsyncing from the "map processing" nodes to the "web node" was slooooo
  • I ran out of disk space on the web node ... booo... and this equals small maps...




We've been working on some cloud POC stuff at work, so I decided to see if I could use some of that to make my life better. took a fork of our generic vagrant box and created a Minecraft Overviewer specific config.


gotcha and things that I had to figure out


s3 and how the heck to use it.. curl, wget.. boto...

First I looked at the aws cli tools to push and copy but they seemed like a bit of a pain for anything but 1/2 files Next I looked at boto, and figured I'd just write my own. Then I ran across s2cmd tools... whoa I also came across a cool s3file type (link needed) for puppet.. whoa mind blowing



make sure you use an instance thats large enough

run as root - /media/ephemeral isn't accessable to ec2-user s3cmd get s3://bungalow/

Data transfers have been crazy fast

make sure you have a workspace where your ec2-user has permisions to work. I had puppet create /media/ephemeral0/workspace

clone the configs git repo git clone configs

Run the overviewer render app --verbose --config=/media/ephemeral0/workspace/configs/Bungalow.cfg 12018 2013-08-09 16:19:22 12018 2013-08-09 16:28:51 DEBUG Finished chunk scan for Bungalowday. 1488686 chunks scanned in 535 seconds

Which is actually pretty close in time to what I was getting before

2013-07-30 13:20:40 DEBUG Finished chunk scan for Bungalowday. 1488396 chunks scanned in 625 seconds

screen -d -m --verbose --config=/media/ephemeral0/workspace/configs/Bungalow.cfg



Internal to our net 100% 3504MB 33.4MB/s 01:45

s3://bungalow/ -> ./ [1 of 1] 3673890313 of 3673890313 100% in 141s 24.82 MB/s done

so 1min 45 seconds internal and 2min 21 seconds in AWS

Instance Compare

ec2_instance_type => m2.4xlarge
physicalprocessorcount => 1
processor7 => Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           X5550  @ 2.67GHz
processorcount => 8

This one looks like it'll take about 17/18 hours to complete with about an hour ramp up. So that 17/18 hours should be at about 100% CPU Usage with an hour of warmup for the app





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