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Cloud Eng Notes Aug27 2013

~ 6 month Project

  • "Where were going we don't need offices"

  • Everything should be open source and published publicly

A release is tagged every two weeks and we hold ourselves accountable to that Based on a two week scrum cycle

Employee Satisfaction - Sense of accomplishment and engament

statement of values individuals and interactions over process and tools working software over comprehensive docs customer collaboration over contract negotiation responding to change over following a plan

Space -


Two offices and a hoteling cubby space in the mezz area of 60ox.

Loud and Quite Rooms

Scrums 10/15 min coordinations



Weekly Schedule Tuesday - Friday

10 am daily Scrum

Project management Steve will review some training docs and may take ScrumMaster



Laptop (Mac) Apple TV (3) Screens (3)

Hip Chat Trello - User stories and for as much as possible for code - issue and task tracking
GHE - if needed (hoc) Google Drive / Google Docs (

CI Nice-to-have Travis

Actions -


Create a shared docs in google drive Hosting Space - Looking to the NOC to help us out. (NOC Lab) Where are we meeting Aug 28 Room Opens on Thursday 29ths

Octopress blog on Github

At then end of the sprint invite everyone to check out what was done



Product Owner - MoH and Rob Details TBD

ScrumMaster - Steve TBD

Cruise Director - Tim



Once we have a space we want to invite in guest stars for the week to partner with and hack on.

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