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When and how to contact the Git developers

Before you send an email to the Git developers' mailing list

If you are a normal Git user, and you have problems using Git, you can also try:

If you believe you've found a bug in Git for Windows or msysGit (Windows-specific), first check their issue tracker to see if the problem has already been reported. If not, send a message to or visit the online forum version.

If you are still sure that you have actually found a problem or bug in Git itself, make sure that the issue has not already been discovered:

  • Search the web for similar issues
  • Browse and search the Git mailing list archives (see below)

If there's been a previous related discussion, it's fine to raise the subject again. A good practice is to link to and summarize the previous discussion so people can learn from what has happened before.

If you're still not sure whether you should, have a read through this article about asking for help online. Now it's time to send an email to the developer's list.

Writing an email to the developer's list

Note that you should only send plain text emails to the list. HTML mails will be silently dropped.

See for general info about the mailing list, and other reasons your emails are not getting through.

The email address is - simply send an email to this address describing your issue. Be sure to include information about your environment:

  • Operating system (specifically which version)
  • Git version (git --version)
  • Git configuration (system, home, repository)
  • Other relevant environment details which you think might be interesting
  • Optionally trace output if relevant. See GIT_TRACE in

Before sending your first report, please read this article on how to effectively report bugs.


Subscribe to the mailing list here by sending a subscription request to majordomo.


If you want to link to a previous discussion, use the archive at:

Alternatively you can browse the list archives here:


About this Gist

Created by Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen (@tfnico) as a way to reference people to the Git development list. Feel free to fork and improve.

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