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Created April 24, 2013 07:56
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This ruby class can logon and invoke REST API URLs in Tableau server. Authentication is done by using RSA crpyto stuff.
require 'httpclient'
module TableauLDAPSync
class Tableau
def initialize(server_url)
proxy = ENV['HTTP_PROXY']
@http_client =
@http_client.debug_dev = STDOUT if $DEBUG
@server_url = server_url
def login(user, pass)
key =
# invoke /auth.xml on server
response = @http_client.get( tableau_url_with '/auth.xml' )
# parse returned XML
doc = response.body )
# read RSA key + authenticity token
authinfo = doc.elements[1, 'authinfo']
modulus = authinfo.elements[1, 'modulus']
exponent = authinfo.elements[1, 'exponent']
authenticity_token = authinfo.elements[1, 'authenticity_token']
# fill RSA key information
key.n = modulus.text.to_i(16)
key.e = exponent.text.to_i(16)
# logon to server with encrypted password
response = tableau_url_with('/auth/login.xml'),
{ 'authenticity_token' => authenticity_token.text,
'crypted' => assymmetric_encrypt(pass,key),
'username' => user
def tableau_url_with(path)
URI.join(@server_url, path)
# Encrypt test with RSA public key and pack as %.0x hex numbers
def assymmetric_encrypt(val, public_key)
crypt_binary = public_key.public_encrypt(val)
def get(path, params = {} )
@http_client.get( tableau_url_with(path), params)
def post(path, params = {} ) tableau_url_with(path), params)
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WarFox commented Feb 17, 2014

Hey thanks for the script.

I had to use

require 'rexml/document'

to get it working though.


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