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Tim Gfrerer tgfrerer

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tgfrerer /
Last active May 11, 2021
Generate bitonic merge sort network based on number of sortable items n, and workgroup size.

This command-line utility generates a bitonic merge sort network based on number of sortable items n, and workgroup size.

Choose workgroup size to be ==n for an ideal sorting network. Number of sortable elements n must be power of two.

In-depth discussion, GPU implementation, and context for this code:

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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
#define COMPONENT( x ) \
struct x { \
static constexpr auto type_id = #x; \
COMPONENT( ComponentA );
tgfrerer / mip.cpp
Created Nov 27, 2018
Calculate miplevels for image input data
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// Generate mipmap from input data
// adapted from
template <typename PixelType, const size_t numChannels>
static void generate_mipmap( const PixelType *pSrc, PixelType *pDst, uint32_t const nSrcWidth, uint32_t const nSrcHeight, uint32_t *pDstWidthOut, uint32_t *pDstHeightOut ) {
*pDstWidthOut = nSrcWidth / 2;
if ( *pDstWidthOut <= 0 ) {
*pDstWidthOut = 1;
*pDstHeightOut = nSrcHeight / 2;
tgfrerer / drawfrustum.cpp
Last active Feb 9, 2018
simplified method to draw camera frustum in oF
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void ofCamera::drawFrustum(const ofRectangle & viewport) const {
// In World Space, the camera frustum is the "capped pyramid" which
// contains everything which can be seen from a camera.
// In Clip Space, the frustum is defined as a box with dimensions: -1, -1, -1 to +1, +1, +1.
// Much simpler.
tgfrerer / main.cpp
Created Jul 28, 2017
minimal demo app showing camera frustum drawing
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#include "ofMain.h"
class ofApp: public ofBaseApp {
ofEasyCam cam[2];
size_t activeCam = 1;
void ofApp::setup() {
cam[0].setupPerspective( false, 30, 20.f, 500.f );

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View main.cpp
#include "ofMain.h"
ofPolyline polyline;
uint64_t pointFlags = -1;
class ofApp : public ofBaseApp
View ofnode_orbit_test.cpp
#include "ofMain.h"
class ofApp : public ofBaseApp {
ofVboMesh mSphere;
ofNode mNode;
ofNode mNode1;
ofNode mNode2;
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#include "ofMain.h"
#include "ofApp.h"
class ofApp : public ofBaseApp {
ofEventListener listener;
ofParameter<float> param;
void setup() {
tgfrerer / compile_log.txt
Last active Feb 5, 2016
testcase for oF lambda events
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1>------ Build started: Project: testEventListener, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------
1> main.cpp
1>c:\users\tim\documents\developer\of\libs\openframeworks\events\ofEvent.h(441): error C2668: 'ofEvent<ofMouseEventArgs,std::recursive_mutex>::make_function': ambiguous call to overloaded function
1> c:\users\tim\documents\developer\of\libs\openframeworks\events\ofEvent.h(398): note: could be 'std::shared_ptr<of::priv::Function<T,Mutex>> ofEvent<T,Mutex>::make_function(of::priv::BaseEvent<of::priv::Function<T,Mutex>,Mutex>::check_function<void (const void *,T &)>,int)'
1> with
1> [
1> T=ofMouseEventArgs,
1> Mutex=std::recursive_mutex
1> ]
1> c:\users\tim\documents\developer\of\libs\openframeworks\events\ofEvent.h(394): note: or 'std::shared_ptr<of::priv::Function<T,Mutex>> ofEvent<T,Mutex>::make_function(of::priv::BaseEvent<of::priv::Function<T,Mutex>,Mutex>::check_function<void (T &)>,int)'