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Created Feb 4, 2019
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1. Show Array

  • Let's pretend for a second that this pplFromAPI array isn't hardcoded, and instead it's being returned to us depending on service calls elsewhere in our application.
  • It's our job to transform this data into a 1dimensional array for the UI to iterate over and display accordingly.

2. - const flattenData = (arr = peopleArray) => [].concat(

  • One way of implementing this is using .concat in conjunction with the ...spread operator introduced with the release of ES6.

3 "highligh dots"

Shields us having to iterate thru each nested array, building up the final value on each pass.

4. Inspect result

  • We see that var name holds all of our data in one array. In other words, our array has been flattened.
  • Upon checking the requirements however o we realized that several of the endpoints return the string value inside of arrays. --->

5. paste nested array

  • And if we look at the result from render data we see all of these nested arrays are still present.
  • This logic would involve us checking for nested arrays of the array and unbox anź however the
  • .flat method

oour function to work recu to the flat method joining the array.prototype family

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