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CSV logging script for stock dump1090
# CSV logging script for stock dump1090
# Uses the Requests library to compare the state of planes in view
# and prints changes to standard out
# Start dump1090
# modify this script to point to your dump1090 URL if different
# run the script and pipe the output to a file eg:
# nohup ./ >> data.csv 2> data.err < /dev/null &
# @th0ma5 on twitter
import requests, json, datetime, time
get_data = lambda : json.loads(requests.get('').content)
data_diff = lambda new,old : [x for x in new if x not in old]
make_date = lambda : str(
old_data = []
while True:
new_data = get_data()
diffs = data_diff(new_data,old_data)
old_data = new_data
if len(diffs) > 0:
diff_lines = [','.join([str(y).strip() for y in [make_date()] + x.values()]) for x in diffs]
for line in diff_lines:
print line
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