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Python-like dir function for scheme
;Python-like dir function for Kawa scheme objects (but not the global namespace)
(require 'list-lib)
(require <kawa.lib.srfi95>)
;retrieve class name as string
(define classname (lambda (x) (invoke x 'getName)))
;make a one-dimensional array into a list
(define tolist (lambda (l) (map l (iota l:length))))
;list out a class's fields or methods
(define get-fields (lambda (class)
(tolist (invoke (class:getClass) 'getFields))))
(define get-methods (lambda (class)
(tolist (invoke (class:getClass) 'getMethods))))
;created a sorted list of fields and methods, denoting methods with ()
(define dir (lambda (class)
(sort (append
(map classname (get-fields class))
(map (lambda (x) (string-append x "()"))
(map classname (get-methods class)))
) string<=?)))
;;; Example
;(define f ( "."))
;(dir f)
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