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Last active Sep 27, 2018
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Chat bot analytics
chatbase dashbot botanalytics
Pricing Free or contact for Enterprise Free or contact for Enterprise Free or contact for Enterprise
Demo Demo Demo Demo
Usage Easy Fairly easy Hard
Active users (monthly, weekly, daily)
sessions (Daily sessions, Daily sessions per user, Session time per user, User msgs per session)
Retention Cohorts
Rich Filtering
Transcripts (messages)
not handled messages
Session flow (Conversation Paths)
Funnels (Not Free) (May not free)
Tracking Events in a Conversation (Segmentation) (May not free)
Sentiment (-5 to 5)
CSV Export (Transcripts) (Not Free)
Export API (Not Free)
Full report (4 hours ~ 1 day) (4 hours ~ 1 day) (4 hours ~ 1 day)
Conversation logs (calls or chats) ingestion & transcription (Not Free)
Conversation (calls or chats) driver modeling (Not Free)
Conversation (calls or chats) intents extraction & clustering (Not Free) (Not Free) (Phrase clustering / NLP Optimization)
Conversation graphs per intent (Not Free)
Export of intents to bot development platforms (Not Free)


each message (from user or bot) -> orchestrator (may parse intent or not handled info to message) -> analytics tool






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